About Cinda

Twenty plus years ago, I was a stay-at-home mom of two. Although lucky to have that special time to be with my kids, one income didn’t leave much money for home decorating. I didn’t care for the cookie-cutter style of our box colonial, so the kids and I got involved in alot of “projects.” While my husband slept after working the night shift, I tore down walls, opened up the dining room, enlisted my extended family to help install sliding French doors… I can still remember sponge-painting walls standing on a stool while my children held up the paint cans… I refinished my home, the furniture and and the yard–you name it, I did it myself. I don’t think I really new how to at first, I just had a picture in my head, an eye for what I liked, and I then I just did it!

This is what Cindarella’s Attic is about: when I see an old, worn out piece of furniture, I get a vision of what it could become again, what I think it should look like, and I just do it. I do not have one certain technique, I just mix colors, paints and stains until I arrive at what I envisioned. I’ve been doing this for over twenty years, it’s what I truly love to do, and I will continue to do this for my customers until there’s no more paint to mix!

Cinda Fiamma,
Cindarella’s Attic